The Seaside Institute is pleased to introduce a new series of architectural photography workshops
by internationally renowned architectural photographer Steven Brooke.

The next workshop will be held October 18-22, 2017.

     The dynamic 5-day workshop combines the history of architectural depiction and composition with an accessible approach to the technical demands of photographing architecture, landscape, and interiors.   The workshop is suitable for students of all ability levels and backgrounds –from professional architects and real estate professionals, to travelers for whom architecture and design is a passion.
The workshop covers the photography of individual buildings, streetscapes, landscapes, interiors, and night photography, and includes instruction in photographic techniques, composition and post-production.

Bob Irwin, The Seaside Institute
850.231.2421 (office)


The following are testimonials by Steven Brooke’s university and workshop students.

“Should be mandatory for all architecture students.  It directly affects studio as well and other classes and disciplines.”

“Lessons learned during this course are not easily forgotten and become second nature by its completion.”

“This instructor is the best instructor I have had in college so far. He not only teaches the material effectively but he inspires his students to do their best. He proves to be amazing in his line of work and is an extraordinary teacher as well.”

“…you end up marveling at the fact that you were able to learn so much in such a short span.”

“It changes the way you see.”

“Prof. Brooke’s class is perhaps the most professionally taught class I have ever taken.”

“Prof. Brooke is a wonderful example of what an educator should be.”

“This has been one of my MOST valuable classes that I have taken here at UM.”

“I feel the great sense of accomplishment and acquisition of knowledge that I never had before.”

“Prof. Brooke’s knowledge of the field is unparalleled. He is devoted to his students. He is a great motivational speaker and career advisor.”

“Prof. Brooke is one of the most critical, best professors I have ever had the pleasure to work under. I believe he truly wants to make his students better professionals and I know he believes in his work.”

“The content of this course has proved itself to be very useful for classes other than photography.”

“This course will not only make you a better photographer, but will change the way you look at the world of architecture and your own architectural work. Prof. Brooke is a great photography instructor and pushed me to become a better photographer. The course exceeded my expectations.”

“Steven Brooke was one of the best professors I have had the privileged to have while in college.”

“Fantastic course. The way he correlates composition and photographic techniques to engravings and paintings is inspiring.”

“Prof. Brooke is unbelievably knowledgeable. Not only the best in the field, but very helpful and able to teach the material very effectively.”

“Extremely beneficial class for seeing architecture in a new way. I would recommend this class to everyone.”

“Steven Brooke is an extremely intelligent and hard working instructor. In my opinion, he takes our careers as well as his own in a serious manner.”